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Lauren Fok
Programme Manager

Lauren is Programme Manager responsible for incubating and testing ideas and interventions for the effective teaching and learning of literacy and language in the Foundation Phase. This role forms part of the Transforming Schools Programme pillar of the Zenex Foundation strategy.

Lauren brings 30 years’ experience of working in development. She has worked in diverse spheres, including labour where she worked for COSATU, health, gender, social justice and information and communication technology organisations. She has worked for both local NGOs as well as international non-profit organisations, such as CIVICUS and ActionAid.

Lauren consequently brings an in-depth understanding of the development context, with the benefit of multiple focal areas. Apart from her substantive content knowledge, she has skills in administration and organisational management, project management, strategic planning, coordination of networks, editing and event management. 

 Lauren holds an Honours Degree in Social Sciences.