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Fatima AdamFatima Adam
Programme Director: Research and Evaluations 

Fatima is the Programme Director: Research and Evaluations at the Zenex Foundation, which she joined in 2012 after serving as programme director for Open Society Africa and in enrolment planning at the University of Johannesburg.

Fatima provides specialist input into all programme/project evaluations commissioned by the Zenex Foundation, develops the organisation’s research strategy and agenda, and manages its research grants. She also has responsibility for the Foundation’s communication strategy and positioning the organisation as a thought leader.
The holder of a PhD in Higher Education Transformation, Fatima’s academic qualifications include a B.Sc. (Chemistry) and  a Masters degree in Critical Thinking.
The prospect of developing solutions to education challenges through the application of systematic project design and rigorous research design principles and practices, is one of the big motivators for Fatima to be part of the Zenex Foundation team.