November 19, 2019

Learning through sport resource pack

Focus: The resource pack is a teaching tool that uses sport and citizenship issues to facilitate learning in Mathematics, Science and Language. The packs were produced in 2010 by the Zenex Foundation, with Helene Perold and Associates managing the project.

They represent an innovative way of integrating learning areas using the 2010 Soccer World Cup as a catalyst to connect learners’ in- and out-of school worlds. The National Department of Education gave an in principle endorsement to the project in July 2009.
The resource pack for learners in Grades 4 - 6 contains a teacher's guide, training manual, poster, board game and three readers. They are intended to be added to classroom libraries, but also provide reading materials for the ‘Drop Everything and Read’ time in line with the National Department’s Foundations For Learning Campaign that seeks to improve literacy in schools.

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