February 15, 2020

Zenex Foundation celebrates teachers in the month of October

October 5th is National Teachers’ Day. The Zenex Foundation honours and celebrates teachers throughout October and beyond, profiling stories of passion and achievement – sometimes against all odds.


Each of us have fond memories of at least one teacher that we admired, respected and who contributed to our development. The Zenex Foundation will honour and celebrate teachers throughout the month of October 2016. We will do this by profiling the stories of current and former project teachers, highlighting passion, commitment and excellence in teaching to improve learner performance in their schools.

While the work of the Foundation focuses in particular on the areas of Mathematics, Science and language education, the experiences we seek to share have something more universal to say about the state of our learning and teaching across the board in South Africa. The Foundation is active in the sector through a number of programmes and projects aimed at learner and teacher beneficiation. Our driving imperative is to highlight the efforts of our teachers under different and indeed, challenging environments. Simultaneously, this celebration acknowledges the role of teachers in the various partnerships that make our programmes and projects work.

We invite you to stay with us over the course of the month of October as we paint a picture of education in South Africa, by looking at the “teacher” side of the multi-layered education equation and tell teachers’ stories “in their own words”.

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