Resource development

Ulwazi Lwethu: African Language Reading Materials Project is a resource development initiative intended to develop African language reading books and teacher reading support resources targeted at teaching learners in the Foundation Phase to read in their home language.

These materials were designed to teach Foundation Phase teachers how to teach reading.  They are high quality materials developed by academics in collaboration with teachers. This collaboration resulted in materials that are  highly structured, using a systematic approach to the teaching of reading. The materials address various aspects of the reading process, including language concepts and vocabulary building. They are written in English, but include a comprehensive list of literacy concepts explained in three languages, namely, English, isiXhosa and isiZulu. 

This project is focused on the development of Vula Bula African Language Readers in eight South African languages by Molteno. The project also supports the reengineering of Molteno as they implement the Open Education Resources Model.